Thai Cooking Class in Onnut Road - Food Expedition Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Cooking Class in Onnut Road - Food Expedition Bangkok, Thailand


Travelling along with cooking. Doesn’t it sound interesting and unusual? Thai Cooking Class offers one such unusually interesting package for the travelers. Just think, a full day of excursion which will include adventurous boat rides, interesting food tasting events and visit to beautiful ancient temples combined with cooking tips at every stoppage.  Adventure, travel and cooking are a rare combination which will make your trip to Thailand memorable. This package offered by Thai Cooking Class includes the best food expedition experience at the most renowned cookery street at Bangkok- the Onnut Road. So, what could be more exciting for the foodies? Learning to cook Thai cuisine along with visiting the Thai landmarks.  

This entire concept of giving cooking classes along with exploring Bangkok sounded amazing in its initial stage when it was conceived. But gradually the idea became clearer and more exciting during the time of implementation. This is such a fulfilling experience. Usually travelers get to know a city, its culture, lifestyle and food habits by exploring the city in terms of the tourists sights, markets, restaurants and adventure rides. Generally travelers only get to visit certain selected places to know more about the city without any first hand experience of getting involved in the making of any of these. Here, visitors will receive a chance to gain first hand knowledge regarding the preparation of food in Bangkok. They can always cherish the experience and use the knowledge later on in life.

So, what could be better than travelling, gaining knowledge and developing an insight on how food is prepared by the Thai people? You can learn to prepare authentic Thai food at this tour. Just imagine exploring a Thai market for the first time in your life. Fresh colorful vegetables, fruits and also clothes at the Phra Khanong market will definitely kindle your senses. This is not the end, rather this is the beginning. You will pick and choose vegetables according to your preference and then proceed to cook them in authentic Thai style. Most of the products available in the market are fresh produce from in and around Thailand. From dried pork to dried chilies and seafood you can see and smell all at Phra Khanong.

After this visual treat, its time for another on a boat along the Phra Khanong canal reaching your class by visiting the Mae Nak temple. Begin your class by learning the basics of Thai cuisine like stressing on strong aromas, detailing and balancing the food which distinguishes Thai cuisine from others. Sweet, bitter, salty and sour are the 4 tastes based on which Thai food is developed. Fruits, rice and noodles, vegetables, pastas, spices and herbs are blended perfectly with fish, seafood or meat to achieve harmonious Thai dish. All these will be taught by a Thai housewife who is adept in cooking her native cuisine and at the end of the day you will be given a recipe book so that you can take back your experience along with you.




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